Thursday, 3 July 2014


Hey hi ho, we can dance,
 of course, it’s not so bad,
 you just have to groove with the music,
your body does  most of the work for you.
 You’re just a shell anyway,
 it’s what’s inside that dances really,
 of course you know that
because you don’t dance
you never know how to move properly
you just feel it happening when you don’t pay attention.
Oh, you say you don’t believe in magic,
Well, alright, but science disagrees with you,
As you are unexplained,
But you don’t know that,
You believe you are all that you should be,
Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong,
It can just be my opinion, but I don’t think so,
There’s more to you, come one.
There’s star dust in you,
That counts for something,
But maybe you are the dead star remain,
For you’ve forgotten your business,
And you’ve taken upon yourself to form creases on your head,

Chuckle chuckle, good for you, now let me see you dance again.