Wednesday, 30 October 2013

We are Gods.

Everyday I am humbled by the immensity of the Existence and the insignificance of my own little conundrums. I wake up in the morning with dreams still clinging to my lashes, making me feel despair over details that are forgotten almost instantly. The dreams can be good or bad, it doesn't really matter when the reality of awakening in this Muck-of-a-place strikes. The world is not Muck as a fact, the world is what we choose to believe it to be. Free will is more than a concept, and the things we choose to act upon become our reality. Think about it, the only way for you to perceive this world is through your senses; Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue, Skin and an extra sense that is intuition. Your eyes, nose etc. are but instruments that help you perceive the world you exist in as a multi-dimensional sensory universe. Which is to say, that your world is truly in your head, your universe is in your head. Us humans being Billions in numbers, each have their own universe in their heads, and all of these universes exist together in The Universe, which is without any restrictions of any kind. What we choose to believe is what is real for us, but is it really Real? No. What you believed in 5 years back, you don't believe in that anymore. You have chosen to shift from one kind of illusion to another. How depressing it would be to know that all your life all you have really done is that you have picked your own version of an illusion that you can be comfortable with. When The Universe is without restrictions and lets anything be possible, you are restricted by the fables of different things you hear everyday. I am telling you that you have the power to create embedded in your bones like marrow. That you are a God, and in your head, in your perspective rests a whole Universe. I see people hell bent on sticking to the lines drawn by society and more influential people. Society as whole or people of power and confidence are just as great as you are. You are the only restriction you have in your own life, because you have the ultimate power; the power to believe, because belief creates. Belief forms another mutation of the universe. The things in your head, are more real to you that Reality of Universe. Can you start to acknowledge the power of simple belief?

Today's world as a whole, and the people living in it are mostly consumed by desires that have been planted in them, meaning that the desires are not their own. The concept of possession is at the forefront of corruption. We do not own ANYTHING. We merely let ourselves drift into the illusion of it. All things in life are borrowed. There is nothing that our soul will stick to for eternity. Even our soul, the most basic part of ourselves is just a cut-out part of The Soul of Existence or The Soul of Life. Our soul has borrowed our body, and our body has borrowed our soul, to create a unique sub-division of life which exists to fulfill a purpose and hence designed in a way that the purpose is fulfilled. We are all part of the Nature. The natural course of everything that has been, that is, and that will be. You were present in the particles of the first water molecules on earth, you were there in the blast whenever a star went supernova. You have star dust in your body molecules. You, and me, we're all just each other.

The new iphone is out, and people are going haywire trying to land their hands on one. A new model of a car has been launched, and consumed in the desire to gain it, we're stuck spending our time on these inventions of other human beings who have disregarded all of the nature's basic beauty, to corrupt their own race. Life is like a blank canvas, and your mind is a secretive room full of paints of every color imaginable. I might be doing a bad job of explaining the obsessive trap that has been laid over this capitalist world, but in my perspective that's how I can explain. If you, for a day even, go into the world without any notions, just a blank mind, you will be horrified by the extent of imprisonment we're in. Slavery is less cruel because there is no hidden agenda, all the cruelty is out there in the open, but when it is our mind that is the slave, we wallow in a perpetual state of confusion and end up in frustration. More than our parents, our teachers, or our friends, we have followed what Television has taught us. I know I was one of those kids who would sit around and watch television all day. Tutored into following the way of life depicted in senseless shows. Tempted into the hope of a "cool" personality by advertisements and fooled by the limited news of the world. Media is not a godly industry which is forbidden to lie, media is just the opposite.

I will Blog more later. Just keep in mind, that you need to have an open mind, everyday, and not resort to old beliefs, because this world is changing perpetually, as it must because a billion confused human beings are changing it without ever realizing it. Thank you.