Friday, 27 June 2014


Hi, to you who's reading. I hope your life is faring you well, and your blessings outweigh your disappointments. I also hope you lose those disappointments along the way when you understand how necessary they were in shaping your life.

I am happy. My life, like all of us, changes negligibly everyday, somehow or the other and looking back I find myself to be in a different state of body and mind. Observing my own change stems my faith in the perfectness of reality. Reality is the result of the superposition of all the thoughts of all 'LIFE' that exists all over the Universe. We are a chain of tiny flickering lights of life, we cannot exist individually (unless we have to at some point in the cross between time and space). Our reality is always The perfection, as it what IS. Acceptance of Reality is the greatest pleasure there is to be felt, when all the egoistic, regretful, resentful, angry and piteous notions of our mind are quiet. When reality does not cause imbalance in the harmony of your self vibrating through time and space; when your mind is at ease, when you choose to accept a very basic peace by disregarding all of the mind's illusions, then you are Godly, because then you are vibrating along with the Universe AND Delighting in it. Happiness is something you choose, peace is something you accept. And above all knowing, as you trudge through the different days you live, different emotions you express, different people you meet, different events good/bad you witness, that you are a piece of The Puzzle fitting perfectly in your place, so much so that you are irreplaceable by Anyone. I'm talking about Life and Reality, not the commercial, pseudo-civilization that we get to live when we believe we are ultimately divided. There is a single entity, and it exists in a circle, symmetrical to itself. There is only One. Value of any number exists only if its divided by 1, which means that it is a 'part of something'. In basic mathematical terms, Hence Proved; We Are All One no matter what our value, because we too exist as numbers divided from The One. If we are truly One, I wonder, why we don't act more like it. "MIND" when it controls you, you cannot feel being a part of One, but when your disregard the constant mumbling which are your thoughts, and admire just the basic pleasure of existing; of being able to observe life unfold before your eyes day after day; like the best story ever written because you have an irreplaceable and irredeemable part in its making and existing, thats when all worldly woes disappear into thin air like the illusions they are. Human beings have a spectrum inside which all of our senses pick up all the proof of reality we need. Our vision has a spectrum beyond which cannot observe, Our hearing has a range of frequency we can comprehend, and so on for all of our senses. Our sense tell us what is real, and our mind insists on them being real, the realest thing, the only real thing. That is the amount of cocksurity a mind(ego) can gather. It is also theorized that it is impossible for an observer to observe an event without influencing it. All the scientific breakthroughs and whatnot, they all just hint at the rule of balance; everywhere. Like a pendulum all of everything swings from one end to the other, from good to bad, from cold to hot, from life to death; we travel the same unit towards each end, carrying on our vibrations through Existence. But it doesn't mean the opposite ends start existing as two separate beings, because ultimately the two ends are just that, and it is the union of both ends which makes it whole.

Consider your body to be a Universe, and subdivide your body down to atoms and electrons. The cells in your body are individually live organisms, does that mean they are not a part of you? You are a live organism, does that mean you are not part of Everything or One? Suppose a particular type of cells in your body have a particular task to do, to help it towards perfectly carrying out the function, many other external cells and agents work together. Consider your life in the same light now, you have a particular job(Life), how many external influences help you through (are helping you through) your life. You are just a cell of a cell of a cell of a cell, with all the emotions and thoughts and instructions and commands brought down to you specifically so that you do your entitled task(live your life). Nature loves symmetry; Universe is symmetrical in all its forms of existence, whether alive or exclusively physical.

Life is a wonder; every moment of reality is an eternity of unlimited potential. We are the Universe, observing itself through a human experience; through unlimited sets of eyes and mind, all specific to the purpose of each individual life form. And why do we exist, why anything exists, why is it that you can read this at the moment, in the skin you are comprehending it as you are doing? The answer is Symmetry. It all exists because it does; because until time and space merge to become a single identity everything that can ever possibly happen will definitely happen. Existence is about All or One, as Einstein believed, "The only reason why time exists, is so that everything does not happen at once." Same is for space, it exists so that everything doesn't happen at the same point. Symmetrical; a circle is all it is.
I wish you well. I wish that the trip you're having in your lifetime goes perfectly; which it will as REALITY is by law perfect.

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