Thursday, 20 March 2014

The one or All

I exist as reality exists, 
Only there because its there, 
I feel a part of it all,
I know it to be whole, 
I was never nothing, 
I was scattered in the rest all along,
As future comes by, 
I see myself building up further, 
finding my parts time and time again from every soul, 
My demons are my best friends too,
only giving me what I require, 
My friends are my best friends too, 
With me in what I desire, 
I am you, you are me, 
That's how it's always been, 
You, sir, and you, ma'am, 
Gender is the proof of all our unity, 
We have our parts scattered all over the tree, 
as the nectar lies rich for the bees, Somewhere buds the flower, 
and come pollens from far away, 
After all the distance,
they fit so they stay,
The truth is visible every where, 
Maybe because everywhere is just a point; from an unknown perspective, Maybe because the universe has always had a directive, 
In the subtleness that is vivid,
Comes lively as life the truth in the sentiments we feel but don't really understand, 
It is this keen nature that we're blessed with, 
the power of going above, beyond and indepth of the mind, 
Its absolutely fine if most of mine cannot fathom the nature that is in them just as much,
Certain voyages require the sailors to be ignorant of the gathering storm,
But in the distant reality, in the cross between space and time,
I do see humanity rising, ascending to the on, 
turning to the other side of the flipped coin, 
Creating harmony, radiating love and peace; bathing in the pleasure of unity with The one or lets just call it All.