Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Are we made in pairs?

Is there a reason behind why we feel as if we're missing out on a crucial part of ourselves, that makes us woefully imperfect? It starts from the time when realize that we have some 'problems' and we do start 'trying to accept' ourselves with the problems, but they don't exactly feel like problems, but they still make us feel bad.
Are we just half a part of a whole, and can it be that before industrialization and before the world became so cold, our real job in life was to just become whole, no matter how.
I read that "children created by love are very different from children created by sex for pleasure"
For some reason it does ring a bell somewhere in the labyrinths of the deep mind, that actions aren't just the only way by which we influence the world we live in, that action is just a structure of the task we're doing but the real dependency of it's completion or how the action turns out to be, that we control by how we feel while doing it.
It cannot be a coincidence that we're divided into three basic parts, the mental, the physical, and the sub-mental or spiritual, we exist not just in this world, but in the different worlds of our different parts and it is so elaborately sewn together to form one human being.
And if we are the ones who create human beings, we do have that power, then it makes sense to think that we fuck up when we just fuck.
I am a very confused soul, but I feel shitloads of sense somewhere in me, but i'm not always able to reach out to that pot of knowledge.
It's only when some physical factor influences me that I can go in the right direction in my mind.
I know a girl, who is like joy for me, she seems to have been made up of everything that I've been slowly stacking up in my mind over the years. It's like a part of her has been omnipresent in me since i can remember and when i get to see her physical manifestation, it's like faith returns to everything that disappointed me. There is no room for doubt, even, almost. The world has made us all so wary, inclined to judge and predict our future negatively, and that worldly sense of caution does interrupt these beautiful thoughts, but it's almost like a ghost of all the paranoia that i once held.
I have always been far too intrigued by the workings of the universe, and never have I found myself inclined towards the physical part of it, it was always what's hidden that embraced my curiosity and i fed it, i fed it all the energy i could muster, and in return all i got were 'feelings', 'intuitions'.
I've witnessed so many deja vus that it feels like my life is unfolding in a pattern that i know by heart. Don't get me wrong, I cannot predict anything, but in hindsight i always understand the pattern and sometimes i get these shining rays of enlightenment, when things make sense.
Are we made in pairs? Is that why even with all the sex oriented TV programmes that have polluted our minds, we cannot stop holding on to the hope of love?
We know sex, we've had it, we've enjoyed it, but something has always been amiss.
I feel that we're forced to live a life of cold calculation and compromise, by the people really incharge.
We're not making decent human beings anymore, is it because even when we're after love, what we really end up following is sex?
If you read it,, read this too.
I'm just a person hoping to figure out things that we don't see, but feel.