Friday, 17 May 2013


How is it that there are people out there who are not 'morning people', like how do these people not like what the morning entails. The answer is simple too, but not everyone has the capacity to stand still and question his actions, like pablo's poem puts it. People cannot have the little joys of life that they are surrounded by, that make a happy existence later on as the many pebble-like bubbles of happy memories together make a significant difference. The People wake up in the morning knowing that the next 8hours of their lives are going to be spent in the same room with the same things, and that this process will continue for years. Then they justifiably do get frustrated, and they can't really understand it either, because actually us humans were never meant to live a life this restricted. Their wasn't supposed to be such restrictions on the very basics of our needs, like food, pleasure,dreams. Sleeping is our natural process, like hunger is, and so is dreaming a very basic, natural part of us. Love, of course, there was never supposed to be this big restriction on love, nobody was supposed to decide beforehand for us, which race of humans we could love and which we had to hate.  If everybody just stops one day, and just looks at the world, and actually sees life at work through his own eyes, he'll see that his existence isn't supposed to be wasted working like a sheep, his life was supposed to be about the world itself, the nature, THE LIFE. The morning is the best part of life, as it is the good part of the ultimate rule of the universe. The rule of the universe is that nothing is permanent, nothing is supposed to exist forever, that continuous change is the only certainty of this world. The universe does not ask for much from us, it just likes equilibrium, that's when the universe pours its soul to us, when we're at equilibrium with everything around us, when we're just letting universe make us happy by that serenity, isn't that a wonderful deal? Better than any drug you can pop, eh? Just get rid of all your frustration, and you'll stand where Gautam Buddha stood centuries ago. At the edge of enlightenment, that this precious gift of time that we're given by the time lord, it's the heaven of this world, this time in this universe, where we see the soul of everything at work, perpetually, continuously. The birds sing in the morning, their is a joy in them for it, the world awakes from it's dreams and sees that yesterday has passed and all that was isn't anymore. The ambitious awake to see their dreams turn into their lives, that's why they love mornings. The young were supposed to wake up with a burning curiosity every morning, to discover their world, to see where they fit, to discover their destiny along the way. That world is just the tip of the iceberg, us humans are capable of so much. We can create such a harmonious little space in this universe that the center of the universe shifts towards us, and finally engulfs us to make our little feast of beauty and happiness The center of everything, and imagine if that happens, the entire set of everything that exists would be affected, if we achieved that goal, that goal of absolute satisfaction, that comes from just chilling down, and observing and understanding, so we can see the soul of the universe clamber in and out of our world, like tiny rain drops of magic, popping in and out of existence.