Monday, 10 February 2014

Feb 10 2014- a day of reflection

Time is always ticking away our lives, only after the clock chimes, do we realize that importance,
In my impatience, in my haste,
I have led too much to waste,
Only the moment is real, just right now exists, really.
Only the beatings are to believed, heart's, truly.
What is seen and what is heard,
How does it matter to the herd,
The beauty of reality is omnipresent,
Even among the grazing sheep of promised fat free grass,
Look at the compass, which direction is Right?
The storms are breaking my yatch, should i let it be, fight or take flight?
Only reality which is real as Reality is the one chosen to belief,
Its the one we let out while we sleep,
We are sheep, afterall, we order fat free grass too,
Leaving our slight perfection ignored, yet hoping and praying to be true,
Just like anyone else, in our jungles of concrete nature.
Black is not darkness, it is the absence of light,
Courage is not having no fear, courage is acceptance of fear,
We are gullible, in masses we believe,
We drink up the bullshit & vomit out only worse,
Answers were never out, answers are in our soul, the spirit that keeps us whole, afterall this time, that's what kept us on.
Love is true, and love is unrestricted to any law of nature or matter,
Love is me, love is you, love is the only thing thats true.
Do not confuse love with the stories of it, love is everything together, not possessed never unpossessed,
The thread holding human civilization at the breaking seams are the numerous everyday good deeds of human beings.


"What was happened to me, why is it so that what i am in a moment is weird for the world. I suck, bro." "Even my own mom, she reflects the amount of terrible i am." "I am shaky, if nothing else in my endeavors. I feel at time that this hope of enlightenment is obscured by legions of dark forms which are in me and have been at different unique moments of my life."
"Really, to understand life i have switched off the main trigger that gives the appeal to like pop things in life, which all of you do without admitting it once, but the society's stark refusal at accepting reality keeps you attached to the pain of it."
Sounds like the wall is crumbling down to a rubble of broken realities.