Sunday, 20 July 2014


There was a time when Angels walked the earth as Saints and Divinity was understood by man. Animal Kingdom acts as it must, Flora is the mirror to nature’s neutrality, and man (the aware threshold of spiritual and material union) is lost in the phase when truth is incomprehensible and indistinguishable from part-truths which are of unlimited types, as they must be for billions of homo sapiens own billions and one reality(ies). Life as we know it; each of ours individually is different from each other’s because our unique circumstances in a general summation have produced a unique final point(present) which is our reality HERE AND NOW*. Our reality in this moment is our own; no other mind can comprehend our reality in any moment absolutely. The Truth is that any mind understands only what it must, for that person has to do some unique task which requires that particular set of mind, at that particular moment in HERE AND NOW. It is also true that everything is an illusion except for what is HERE AND NOW, illusions have always been real enough, to the mind. It is only after you get a taste of reality that older inhibitions crumble and something new has to rise from the ashes to replace the otherwise desperate ignorance. Everything remains connected in all spheres, and observing them fills me with incomprehensible happiness such which borders on perpetuity.
The ultimate observation I made is: We are all Deluded, each mind, in a unique way, and it is absolutely necessary and perfect (no matter what) to shape the future reality. (HERE AND NOW of some other point; the cross between space and time)
Also, we have the right to choose our delusions, to immerse ourselves in whatever illusion we want to live; experience. Doesn’t matter if you define yourself as an engineer, a doctor, an astronaut, a mother, an artist, a businessman, a fish or an alien, your reality is yours; unique to you, and perfect for your tasks in life. The results of the tasks don’t diminish the value of the task as the process of learning is such and there is no way around failures. Failures are beautiful to behold and experience, each one lights up a dark corner we never knew existed, and with each consecutive wrong note, each dripping bead of wet paint, each ugly haircut, each world war, each explosion of a distant star only gives way to a new perfect reality, and it is absolutely perfect. There is no good or evil, there is no difference in anything if perceived from a far enough distance, if unfocused to see the ’Biggest’ picture. There is only a single entity; a single digit. Everything is derived form a Unity, every number is realized from ‘One’.

If you so choose to focus, however, it is also perfect. In every moment you have the option of being aware in reality, by exclusively being aware of WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Actions have the potential might of the entire Universe. If you vibrate in the frequency of ‘One’, by focusing or un-focusing, either way by observing your reality without any notions of past, or hindrance of future, you can feel a truth resonate within you which describes perfectly what your reality is. Mind is fickle thing, and repetitive; it is only vigilance in reality that can free you from the mind, and provide you the power to wield your reality with the might of the entire Universe behind you. Different realities exist in all forms of life, they are beyond all judgment and only exist to serve for as long as they do, and then dissolve into everything else. Nothingness is actually a state of Whole stretched far out and beyond any comprehension of any one feeble reality as it comprises of all things that have ever existed at any point of time, or space. (including all thoughts, surreal worlds, autistic realities and ‘road not taken’s; a unity of all possible realities of all possible kinds).

*HERE AND NOW- It is The moment. Present, the only reality one needs to be aware of. By disregarding  the judgments of the mind, and observing(sensing;looking,hearing,smelling,tasting,touching,feeling) our present/here and now, we can comprehend the truth we need.