Thursday, 3 July 2014

Happy nightmare

I see my past, as I stand on the island of present,
the tides are wrong, the tides are dark,
my ship awaits the continuum
but I cannot move any further,
so much has been wrong,
and I fear the journey beyond,
It's full of nothing but solitude,
but the universe is not that unkind,
he lets me have me,
he lets me realize myself,
and I continue on,
knowing it will be hard,
knowing that I will be alone,
on the final land when I dock,
but then thunder rumbles
and his voice travels through space and time,
It brings my life, packed a whole,
and I see what I missed before,
I wasn't lonely, I had love in my life,
different loves over different times,
and I saw them all and smiled at heaven,
they called me forth,
so I looked down at the life,
and they all looked up at me,
and didn't cry, they smiled at me,
I was surprised, so I looked closer,
as it turns out, I'd left my soul there,
and they all rejoiced; recited my poems,
stared into my paintings, and remembered me,
everynight, before they went to sleep,
I was tear-prone by now, but only misty dew escaped me,
then I heard the universe rumble again,
and I woke up after my sleep.