Monday, 15 December 2014

How to make money by doing what you like

It is very uncharacteristic of me to write about making money as mostly I preach about letting go of the illusion of its importance, yet I understand that money is an inseparable part of human experience in this time and hence I have come up with a few key points which grant access to a significant amount of money through methods which are consistently being followed by the pioneers of today's human world. 

The first step to ensure making money through what a person likes doing is by placing money secondary to the 'actions' performed by the person for which he/she wants to be paid. 

 1. Work for the work, and keep money secondary - 

 Once you spare energy on your actions, your mindset while performing the said action decides the consequences of the actions. So if you go about the actions with the thirst for money or desperation of earning then ultimately money is repelled by your unbalanced state of mind. If, however, a person works and provides a benefactor with a state of work which has been done with utmost precision untainted by the vigorous need for making money, then money flows from one to another seamlessly. It is philosophical in its roots that money is Just a method of exchange and what is important is the 'work'.

2. Be a perfectionist when it comes to your art or trade -

 No matter what it is that you are doing, if you hone your skills to a level of proficiency which grants you the peace of mind to offer it on without any misgivings then all parties involved in the transaction gain from the exchange. Money is always in a dynamic state, shifting seamlessly to and fro, so it is much easier for a person to gain more money from various pursuits of extraordinary persuasion than numerous ones with low level of satisfaction. Honestly and genuinely contribute to whichever system you take part in and money shall make its way to you, rather than you making its way to it. 

3. Know what it is that you want to do - 
This is perhaps the hardest part of living; choosing, and there is only one way to do it right. By making mistakes and trying out all fancies and interests which cross your mind. A person undoubtedly stumbles onto his/her genius end of the spectrum when that person knows about himself/herself and gaining that transparency with oneself is only possible through the art of knowing 'what it is not'.  If you know what it is that you want to do, beyond all doubt then the only thing that remains to be done is enjoying what you do. 

4. Enjoy what you do.

 A person cannot entirely create something he/she cherishes unless they really enjoy doing it. If you write, do trade, catch fishes or even wait at tables, unless you really enjoy doing it a sense of foreboding keeps you from efficiently benefiting from what you do. Even meagre jobs which are frowned upon by society serve as inseparable cogs in the bigger clockwork system and if a person for e.g waits at tables but does it so lovingly and genuinely that all people tip the person graciously and further want to be served by the person. In time the waiter can form bonds with his customers and who knows from where he gets the opportunity to start his own venue which runs on the 'style' of the waiter, attracting old and new customers; ultimately solving the waiters' low wage lifestyle problems. 

5. Never stop yourself from learning more -
In any field, knowledge is the foundational stone which ultimately grants the existence of industries and the thing about innovation is that its value is only established once it is found. Always keep an open mind, and strive to learn from experiences, mistakes, people and all things that make life because all parts of it are infinitely connected with everything else. Look for better, more efficient ways to do the actions you like and do no restrict yourself through ego or age or by acknowledging weaknesses as crippling. There are infinite ways to do each specific thing and always looking for the next level is the trick to achieving success. Learn from your juniors, learn from your seniors and yourself, and without comprising what you want to do, change your method according to the situation you are in. 

6. Collaborate -

You are not alone, no matter what you think; you are in a constant circle of connection with the entirety of humanity and identifying the right from wrong is only possible when you broaden your spectrum of mind to encapsulate the 'greater good' so to speak. Let others make their mark in their own way, and establish peace with the colliding egos. You know the point where you should draw the line, but without restricting the creative juices of your peers. Appreciate the individuality of each human being and perceive them so as to zero in on their strengths to let them make their mark on the world. You are not alone, and you will never be, no matter what it is that you are doing.