Saturday, 29 November 2014

Relapsing to meaning

I haven't written in a long time, and now that I am writing I pledge to be honest because I believe reflections do show the truth, its only how we perceive the truth which makes all the difference in the world. Work, if you've had a conversation with me you'd know that I throw around that word a lot, and sometimes I feel y'all cringing at that as your definition of work is complicatedly confused with effort and money, or more accurately the 'wish for money' through the effort you make. Don't get me wrong, I am unworthy of condemning anyone for it, because in these times even if money isn't hard to get by, there is always the next level of wealth which triggers a jealousy and desire so 'visible' that it is hard not to give in, and who wants to give in anyway? We all know life is hard yet we only have to wake up everyday and get through it without blundering too much and having as much fun in between as we can. Sure, each day is only very slightly different from the next or previous, yet change occurs in plenty if you look back, and it does feel like everything will perhaps just be alright, after all and if it doesn't, well, shit happens and life moves on. Nobody is absolutely happy because nobody really wants perpetual happiness; that is because others also exist, as differently aligned shadows of our own personalities and we seek solace in company and that we don't quite understand, regardless, it does bring in a sense of belonging. but where? In the bigger picture where humanity is a single entity, in whole it is the body and individuals are mere cells, or perhaps scattered thoughts pushing the life of humanity forwards. When did money come into this?

"Money is important in life." "Paisa zaroori hai."

Money was always present, ever since we woke up enough to think that we understand what we see in the world. Money was our friend in moments where desire would almost overflow from our hearts for things we really 'desired in that moment', no matter for a person, a toy, a supercar, food... (and you know the rest better), existing under our hips ready to jump up and clear the way from troubles. We share such a careful relationship with it, but on different levels. Even spendthrifts have a strong bond with it, relying on it for all the distractions of their life.

"Economy is important, it shows the status of a country and its progress."

Economy exists to bind all the actions of every human being and those animals and plants which fall into humanity's system, into a communication between powers, emphasizing importance or irrelevancy of any particular existing thing (life forms, ideas, utilities, art, laws, and so on to cover almost everything we have perceived). Everything boils down to simple numbers, which when put in place in precise and particular algorithms start a chain reaction which influences minds of all dependent on the concentrated version of the system of economics.
The amount of money a person earns or the income is the direct value of the person in the body of humanity or society, and this system has been established beyond any re-reckoning. It does not necessarily equate to the potential of the individual yet that is how it is derived in the everyday flashes through which we take in meaning. Nobody is at fault, not even the system but it is far from efficient.
If the purpose of life is to attain evolution, the era of capitalism and industrialization in humanity is only a phase, made necessary by the long struggle of man to observe and define the universe, for which man has tried its hand at an efficient system through his will and unfortunately ego, which grants him power but restricts him from the absolute meaning. The day money will longer be important and necessary to carry out all actions in the world; when each individual will be truly equal and will benefit the society in his own way after being let to explore the dimension which that human exists to observe and define, then humanity will have evolved, truly.
The concept of money has obvious advantages but only over older methods of exchange of resources. The world is a big pool of resources, the earth, I mean, and humanity is but a tedious tapeworm stuck on its back sucking on the life juice contained within and flourishing at the surface. When humanity and in turn each individual will be allowed to accept that there is nothing to be afraid of, truly, that everything is only a part of them ultimately, perhaps humanity will then exist in the rhythm of earth and evolve, surfing on a more efficient system. That we are all one, in humanity, is beyond all nuisances which we create ourselves because of the fears and illusion of separation that have been spread by our own system, due to the flight of ego over time. Ego is the only thing which binds you to your fears, guilt, regrets, anger, sorrow, and all the negativity which we partly like, in a subliminal way. Nothing that happens to you is ever anyone else's fault, you call your fate as you are tuned to do under the influence of your mindset. My mindset is also restrictive at times, when my ego blossoms fermented by the judgment of those around me giving me notions to act on impulses which cement the thoughts of those around me to reality; in each moment balance of existence is maintained through thoughts. I, however, do have the consciousness of mind to disregard the judgment and focus of how the actions and reactions of reality are tuned to the judgments I bestow upon them.
When I look into the mirror, my mind decodes the signals from my eyes and shows me only what is there, but it is my thoughts which color the image with judgment, concentrating on what I think more than what is. I do not see and then judge, I judge and then see it accordingly, and that is how every mind works. We do however have the option to holding our judgments in our hand, anew everyday and in every moment regardless of the past, and future. Unminding means that; silencing the automated judgments and seeing everything in new light, to observe and rationalize reality as a single entity; as one body. We are indivisible from our environment, and our environment is indivisible from the Universe, therefore, everything is only a single possibility and there is no good or evil. The ideas of morality have been embedded in different societies over the years and in the recent centuries the filtering of the morals have left different communities in doubts over the morality of other communities, always disregarding the only truth shared by all the religious texts all over the world; that there is god in each atom of whatever we perceive. That includes everything you have ever touched, seen, heard, felt, read, or understood through any other means, and all the individuals behind these sensations. All the crimes, world wars, wars against humanity, acts of god are then not evil but necessary occurrences in the life of humanity spanning over millennia. The only way to learn anything with absolute surity is by knowing all the mistakes that can occur by committing them and then finding a way past them all, and that is exactly what humanity is also going through to attain the next level of evolution where Man will not merely be restricted to Earth but explore the Universe as an interstellar species; spreading the message of unity to all possible life in subliminal ways to guide each life to the awakening through the method of making mistakes.
Mistakes then are not evil, neither is evil in itself something unholy. Ignorance is necessary for attaining enlightenment as darkness is necessary to know light. Mind only understands comparison, in present era; where you can only fathom what is through something that is defined in relation to it. for eg, you understand education only because you understand illiteracy, you understand wealth only because you understand poverty, you understand day only because you understand night, and so on where removing one would ultimately take the meaning from the other. What is, is distinguished from what is not and that is how it is understood by the mind. However, in reality there is no duality in nature, but only a single occurrence of which we only understand the parts that we do so we perform the actions that we do. Free will is real, however, it requires an immense amount of energy from an individual to realize as it must first get over the frictional forces between the wills of others. If you feel at times that the energy you have is not enough to realize your will, then you are right and the will of One is not with you, but if however you can call upon great energy to perform feats then your will is the will of One, the guiding hand of everything.

"Perform actions disregarding the fruits of said actions. They are beyond judgment and individual expectations."
-Krishna through Geeta

A god is any being with the will of One coursing immense energy through its material body. All life forms are potential gods, where a godly state is defined as the state of a being in which the will of the being is same as the will of One granting immense power to it. In each moment all the beings existing in a system are only scattered wills which in togetherness carry the reality to folds in destiny which occur to explore all the possibilities which can possibly be.

Will blog more later. Thank you, if you could follow as I intended, or even if you read according to your judgments. I'm sure all possible versions of it are necessary. Cheers.