Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Wise owl, and us.

There once sat an old owl on an oak, he was wise and would occasionally toke,
he saw and deciphered, as the humans underneath him clustered,
fought and died, he survived,
quiet and listening sat he,
As more humans advanced on the tree,
they didn't listen,
they only spoke,
owl's spirit never broke,
They ignited fires and leveled lands,
they turned oceans into sands,
and still the wise owl sat on his oak,
listening to everything, no poke,
When another owl flew over,
young and curious, sober,
Wise owl eyed him once,
he understood him to be a dunce,
so he hooted woefully,
and patted him carefully,
passing on the deed,
before dropping down dead,
as humans still went on blindly,
crushing him too, but tidily.