Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Non-cliche definition of Love

Love, as written by the majority of the population, never ceases to be a topic of intimacy. Love between a man and a woman, the almighty feeling of ecstasy, an antidote to the worldly fears,
Loss of predicaments. Gathering of the uncaring clouds, love is the wind that blows, the supernatural feelings it summons, untamed as love is in the most profound sense of word. It’s sensuality, the seduction it carries, the hunger for warm body entanglement. Oh this is a poet’s dream, the comprehension of love.

A dripping vein of red,
 raw flavours ensnared,
a rose dewed to the sepals,
red fire oh flared,
Inseparable the lust,
The craving, the desire,
To devour on her just,
From a spark to a fire,
No pretentious softness in action,
Fierce, burning, emblazoned affection,
Passion great as the skies of beyond,
 The self grows fonder, mystically fond
The love is raw, red and thorn clad,
It ends too, leaving silence oh poor lad,
But its existence, having felt it happen,
Hooked, the desires scrunch and sharpen,
As time carry all who’ve failed,
Over reminiscence, over the land they’ve sailed,
Time becomes a friend,
Give it a second chance

Beauty, lust – love eloping to France.