Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Yeah, it's out there in the open now.

Hi, there, how are y’all doing?
I love you, know that. I like being stoned and loving people, it’s like “hey you, stranger. You know, you’re just fine and dandy, and I don’t mind loving you based on just faith, faith in you, that you are a good human being. You are a fucking unique snowflake, stranger.”
This idea is too, what? Clingy?
You are going to exist in this world with everyone else, unless you’re aserial killer, in which case you decide your own people, but the point is why live in hate? In a perpetual stupor in which you judge everyone, and assume things, but to what end?
Why can’t we live like the puppies we adore all day, they’re always in a snip, but they love exactly that about eachother. We can be a lot, if we try to live as dogs. Honor would be real then, friendships too.